if you don't mind me asking, i really wou…

if you don't mind me asking, i really would like to know the reason behind JP leaving, both the first&second time? i just got into HK recently, only finish watching uk version&us season1. I plan on watching the rest, really fall hard for JP! please forgive my poor English.

of COURSE i don’t mind you asking, love!! we are all jp lovers here 😀

the first time (end of s8, if i remember right) he left to “manage gordon’s other restaurants”. i suspect the stress of the show just wasn’t really his thing, tbh. he came back for two seasons (11 and 12) because the cast missed him, and later left again, this time to focus on his marriage and his own restaurant in belgium.

this is what i understand of course !! if anyone else has other information pls share it !!!